Drift at the Forum FAQs

Q. Are the balconies screened?
A. No. Though our balconies are not screened, they are private with beautiful courtyard and neighborhood views.

Q. Are you allowed to use a Gas or Charcoal Grill on the balconies?
A. No. Unfortunately, we do not allow the usage of gas or charcoal grills on the balconies.

Q. Are washers & dryers included in each apartment?
A. Yes. Each apartment comes equipped with a brand-new washer and dryer for your convenience.

Q. Do you have any furnished apartments?
A. No. At Drift at the Forum, apartments come unfurnished so you can add personal touches to fit your lifestyle.

Q. What other smart technology does the community offer?
A. Our community offers Kevo Smart Locks and Nest Thermostats.


Q. Is there a map showing the unit building and floor location?
A. Yes. Our community map can be found on our website.

Q. Are there elevators in the apartment buildings?
A. Yes. Each building has three elevators for your convenience.

Q. What utilities am I responsible for?
A. Residents are responsible for electric, water/sewage, cable/internet, and a $3 package acceptance fee each month.

Q. Do you have a pool?
A. Absolutely! Our community features a resort-style pool and spa for our residents.

Q. When are the clubhouse and pool open?
A. The clubhouse is open during office hours with key fob access. Our pool is available from sunrise to 10 pm.

Q. How long will the pool stay open?
A. The pool is open year-round for our residents to enjoy.

Q. Does the property have a playground?
A. Unfortunately, there is no playground in our community; however, we do have a variety of amenities for residents to enjoy, including a beautiful putting green and a theater room.

Q. What types of pets are allowed?
A. Drift at the Forum welcomes dogs, cats, and approved caged animals.

Q. What breeds are included in the restricted breeds?
A. Our breed restrictions include Akitas, American Bulldog, Boxer, Cane Corsos, Chow Chows, Dobermans, Dalmatian, German Shepherds, Huskies, Karelian Bear Dog, Malamutes, Pit Bulls, Presa Canario, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, St. Bernard, Staffordshire Terriers, and any Wolf Hybrid.

Q. How many pets can I have?
A. We allow up to two authorized pets per household.

Q. Do I have to walk my dog on a leash?
A. Yes. All dogs must be securely attached to a leash when strolling through our community.


Q. What is the application process?
A. You can find our application on our website under the Apply tab or click here. Once you complete an application, the screening process will begin, taking up to 24-hours to complete. When your application is processed, a member of our leasing team will reach out with the next steps to calling Drift at the Forum home.

Q. What are your current lease lengths?
A. Because our lease lengths vary, we recommend contacting one of our leasing specialists for more information on a lease that best fits your circumstance.

Q. Do you offer short-term leases?
A. No. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer short-term leases.

Q. Do you offer short-term corporate rentals?
A. No. Unfortunately, we do not offer short-term corporate rentals.

Q. How much do I have to make to rent an apartment?
A. We require a net household income of three times the monthly rent.

Q. How many paycheck stubs do you require?
A. We ask for your three most recent pay stubs at the time of your application.

Q. Is renter’s insurance required?
A. Yes. We require a minimum liability policy of $100,000 when you choose to call Drift at the Forum home. Our community offers ePremium as an alternative insurance and security deposit option. Be sure to ask our team to learn more.

Q. How much is the security deposit, and when do I get it back?
A. Your security deposit amount will be determined once you complete an application. We have both non-refundable and refundable options to choose from.

Q. Does my new roommate need to fill out an application?
A. Yes. Anyone over the age of 18 must complete an application and go through our screening process.

Q. How much are utilities (estimate)?
A. Because our community is brand-new, we currently do not have estimated utility costs.

Q. How do you decide on approval?
A. Each application is screened using a third party. Your income to rent ratio, credit/rental history, and criminal history are all determining factors. Any applicant who meets all our rental criteria is welcome to call our community home.

Q. Is the property eviction friendly?
A. All outstanding balances due to the previous community must be paid in full.

Q. Would my credit score affect my getting approved?
A. Yes. We do a soft credit check at the time of your application screening.

Q. Do you accept Section 8 or Housing Vouchers?
A. No. Unfortunately, we do not accept Section 8 or Housing Vouchers currently.

Q. Do you check for criminal records?
A. Yes, we do a background check for each applicant at the time of your application screening.

Q. How do you decide on approval?
A. All applications are screened using a third party. All applicants who meet our rental criteria are welcome to call Drift at the Forum home.

Q. Are there any Preferred Employers for this property?
A. Of course! We have a handful of employers who are included in our Preferred Employer Program. Connect with a member of our team to learn more!


Q. Does the apartment come with a garage?
A. No. We offer detached garage rentals for an additional monthly rent cost.

Q. Are garages included in the lease price?
A. No. Garages are not included in the monthly rent price but can be rented for a monthly fee.

Q. What are the dimensions of the garage and storage Units?
A. Our detached garages are 11x17. Storage rooms are typically 6x10.

Q. Is there a parking fee?
A. No. Surface parking is free and unassigned.

Q. How many spaces are assigned for parking?
A. We do not have assigned parking spaces in our community.

Resident Questions:

Q. How do I set up my Resident Portal?
A. Visit the community website.
Select the “Residents” tab.
If you completed your application online, use the same email and password you created to log in.
If you did not complete your application online, fill out the fields listed under “Create New Account.” This will allow the system to locate your information.

Q. How do I pay my rent?
A. You can pay your rent online through the Resident Portal from the 1st through the 5th of every month. Alternatively, you can bring a personal check or a cashier’s check to the office from the 1st through the 5th of the month. MoneyGram orders are an available option through the Online Portal.

Q. When is my rent due?
A. Residents have until the 5th of each month to make their monthly rent payments. Late fees will be applied on the 6th of each month.

Q. How can I submit a service request?
You can submit work orders online through the Resident Portal. If it is a work order of an urgent nature, you can call the office with your concern. After hours you will be prompted to leave a message for our on-call maintenance staff. Lightbulbs other than those in the kitchen areas are the residents’ responsibility.

Q. What is considered a maintenance emergency?

sewage backup
no electricity
water intrusion
door locks not secured (lockout service is not an emergency) and unsecured entry
gas leaks
entry gate broken
clogged toilet (if only one in an apartment)
no heat (if under 60 degrees)
no air conditioning (if above 80 degrees)
no hot water
refrigerator not cooling

Q. Can I make changes to my apartment, such as painting, hanging fixtures on walls, etc.?
A. Yes. We encourage you to make your apartment home. Any changes must be returned to move-in condition before move out.

Q. Is subletting allowed?
A. Unfortunately, subletting of an apartment home is not allowed in our community.

Q. What if I have a friend that wants to live here?
A. We are proud to announce that Drift at the Forum offers a referral program for residents who refer people to our community.

Q. Is there a resident referral incentive?
A. Absolutely! Drift at the Forum offers a $250 resident referral once a qualified referral lives in our community for 60 days.

Q. What if I want to move out at the end of my apartment’s lease contract?
A. We require a 60-day written notice to vacate. We will begin sending renewal offers 120 and 90 days before your lease end date.

Q. What happens if I break my lease or breach the lease contract?
A. We understand unforeseen circumstances arise. A resident may buy out of their lease agreement by providing a 60-day written notice to vacate and paying a lease break fee equivalent to two months' rent.